Thursday, February 28, 2013

EURSH Exclusive: One on one with Kev.

EURSH Exclusive: One on one with Kev.

 It was probably around 2 in the afternoon or so when I realized I was bored. We’ve been talking non stop non sense for the past hour or so until things got a little intimate, intimate in the sense that I got to dig at the heart and soul of Eursh Sounds producer Kevin Leung. We talked about the American/UK music culture to what inspires him to make his perspective of music. And what his solution to the no more toilet paper after a deuce scenario.  

CALVIN : whens moombahton coming back?

KEVIN : i was just going to say there's no more emphasis on it, all moombahton artistes that were producing are doing trap, sazon booya is probably the only ones sticking with it, but again, not much emphasis on it

CALVIN: is trap going to phase out like moombahton

KEVIN: bloggers that use to post moombahton are all dickriding the wave to get more views, what do you think?  hard to say though, it might just start a bigger phase; harlem shake nothing really went viral viral with moombahton

CALVIN: as for listeners, are they just listening to whatever is being put out and don't have a preference or is trap that good to make them forget about the ass movement

KEVIN: Yeah i think that's majority of Americans. They don't take the time to search DEEP for artistes that produce whatever they want because they love it. And Americans shape the whole industry

CALVIN: do you think it’s harming the music industry or evolving it?

KEVIN: i want to say evolving it

CALVIN: are they evolving too quickly? It seems like the Skrillex era quickly transformed into moonbahton and then trap

KEVIN: yeah, i think it's going pretty fast

CALVIN: it seems like they don't even know what they want

KEVIN: like artistes are only making one hit wonders kind of thing, but it's not all about that

CALVIN: what's the main difference you notice in the UK scene compared to the U.S, would you say the Brits are more passionate about their music than the Americans?

KEVIN: in the UK they keep their music scene to themselves,
Definitely. They're not all conforming and feeding off each other's fame and stuff, like you said, they essentially start it and people follow while America commercializes it. Exception with moombahton i guess

CALVIN: i guess we could all understand why the Brits are so angry with their American counterpart for mutating their work

KEVIN: but like trap evolving to future bass which is like Nightslug stuff back in the day, same formats. Murica!

CALVIN: with more underground American producers like Flying Lotus, Gas Lamp Killer, Bassnectar do you think the American electronic scene is finally taking their music more passionately

KEVIN: but those people kept it real, they've always done it for passion, we could see that

CALVIN: where do you get your influence from when you produce your tracks or remix's?

KEVIN: the fuck do you mean? what are you trying to say? fuck you, this interview is done!  fuck you Canadians!


CALVIN: how do you decide or choose what vibe to intergrade into the tracks you make

KEVIN: but for real though, I like the waves that come in and out and I always try to make one or two tracks that relate to the genre

CALVIN: would you take it to another vibe or keep it within the same path, i guess, like would you change the genre completely halfway through or keep it within the same story

KEVIN: and my other experimental stuff is seriously like fucking around and even if it sounds shit i put it out there, if i can change it, then i would change it because it'll be different and when i listen back to it, it brings back that vibe

CALVIN: that’s beautiful. Do you feel there is less pressure being a Canadian producer compared to a UK or an American or it doesn't bother you at all just because Canadians are so low key in the electronic movement

KEVIN: it doesn’t bother me at all, never had that thought, it wouldn’t make a difference if i were American or from the UK. Majority of the people that listen to my tracks don’t know EURSH. They just like what they hear sometimes they repurpose it but that’s it, they don’t follow me like those edits I do from unreleased tracks. They always get a lot of hits
but i like making those edits because its challenging and it gives me a chance to do a bit of cutting, sequencing and I love that stuff, that's another reason why I like Mashups too

CALVIN: how do you know you're satisfied with a track? Do you get a certain feeling like "that was it, that’s the shit" ?

KEVIN: im never satisfied, i feel like i can always add more to it, or change the sounds, change the bpm etc. and then it becomes a whole new track or VIP. Thats why on Soundcloud i put it as a work in progress all the time but i just want to post whatever i laid down for now

CALVIN: you are truly an innovator. Lastly, what would you do if you ran out of toilet paper after a nice deuce?

KEVIN: I'd just use my hands, then wash my hands, if its a nice deuce, my asshole would be a little cleaner

CALVIN: it was pleasure speaking with you

KEVIN: pleasure's all mine

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